Rework Station Agent/ Distributor

As an agent for manufacturers since 2012, we supply products and machinery worldwide. Our job is to act as the contact person between our clients and the manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers we work with are based in China, specifically Shenzen. 

The manufacturers that we work with can change, if the products they provide are of low quality. If they do not honor warranties or if they take too long to respond. We are very selective with the manufacturers that we work with as we want to reduce or eliminate issues for our clients.

When a client contacts us to place an order or inquire about a product we provide them with details about the company and the product. Since most of the manufacturers are based in China we let them know of the potential risks. Some of those risks are as follows: Shipping delays due to various reasons. When the machine arrives, it may arrive damaged, missing parts or both. Troubleshooting with the manufacturer takes a little longer than it does when dealing with a local or national company due to work ethic and time zone differences. Quality control issues such as loose wiring, untested parts, improper installation etc;

If and when these problems occur, the client lets us know and provides photo evidence if requested. We then use our relationships with the manufacturer to get the client a working product. Sometimes this can take quite a bit of time, and other times it is resolved relatively quickly.

Our biggest gripe is when a client is missing a part or a part is damaged the manufacturer is willing to send it out but they are only willing to send it with China post which is the slowest available shipping method. The client paid for the fastest available method to receive the item which is typically DHL or Fedex and they expected a working product. Unfortunately, this does not seem to translate well to them and they request the client to pay for DHL or Fedex if they do not want to use China post which is free.

In the end, we are the contact point and we make sure the customer is satisfied, although it may not be in a timely manner. In some rare cases, the manufacturer is unwilling to help or admit fault. In these cases, we end our relationship with the manufacturer and have the customer ship the unit to us to repair and resell as a refurbished unit at our expense. The last company that we have chosen not to deal with was Jovy systems.

To us we are providing a service to our clients and failure is not an option. We also provide all this information upfront so there are no surprises, we would rather lose a sale than have a problematic relationship.

Thankfully we were able to establish a relationship with TBRM/ The BGA Rework Machine a company that has solved all of the problems with manufacturers and products. They offer products that are still affordably priced while providing excellent service and support. Their machines are assembled by us in Olympia WA, USA. We thoroughly test each unit prior to shipment. We also provide support and warranty service for TBRM.

Although we do our best to ensure that each unit arrives without issue, we are not perfect no matter how much we try to be. We have had a single isolated issue where a machine was not functioning properly after delivery to the client. After troubleshooting the issue with the client we determined there was a faulty part. We sent a prepaid label out and had the unit delivered to us, where we immediately repaired and shipped the unit back to the client in working order at no extra cost to them. Complete satisfaction is the goal with TBRM and if a client is not happy with the unit, it can be returned. This is the only company that allows returns on these types of products.

 Some of the current Chinese based manufacturers we work with now are: Liyang/ LY, Scotle/ ACHI , Honton, Zhumao, Shuttle Star, ZX etc;

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with all the information so that you can make an informed decision, whether you choose to work with us or not we want you to have the best experience possible.